About PressZoom
PressZoom was created to enable companies, universities, research centers, government agencies and other organizations to distribute press releases and breaking news to the media. Media distribution is very important to gain attention for new products, latest updates or breaking research stories and studies.

PressZoom Mailing Address
Amsterdam Atrium
Strawinskylaan 3051
Amsterdam 1077 ZX
The Netherlands

Reaching The Media
PressZoom distributes news to many online news services such as news search engines and news portals. We also provide free XML feeds which can be used to syndicate our content. Additionally PressZoom employs a opt-in mailing list of 1700+ journalists, who receive our news stories on a daily basis. If you are looking for quality distribution, PressZoom is the right place.

Besides publishing your press release on our own web site, PressZoom distributes your press release to many leading search engines, news search engines and other content syndication services. Many web sites syndicate our content and your press release may also appear on PressRadar, Lycos, Google, MSN and many other related services.

Why PressZoom?
PressZoom is different than other services because we don't focus on our customers money. Most distribution services offer unlimited upgrade options, resulting in very high costs. Even services claiming to be free will bug you about upgrading your press release because there is "so much work involved". The truth is a different story. Services like Google News, Yahoo! News and others pick-up news releases at no cost. The only cost is the actual bandwidth (attachments, views, XML traffic) which can be covered by fees shown below.

Basic Submission
PressZoom offers an basic option to have your release published and distributed to our partners. Basic news releases cost US$ 27.

Advanced Submission
PressZoom offers an upgrade option in case you don't want to see any ads within your release. Advanced news releases cost US$ 47 and allow you to attach an image or logo within your press release. This is a great option if you are interested in branding your company or organization even more.

PressZoom Benefits
PressZoom is not accepting pure advertisements. We believe there is enough spam on the net, which is why we focus on quality. At PressZoom you will never find news releases like "buy this" or "click here now" - that's something we leave for distribution companies who don't care much about representing you, but care about your funds.


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