What details do I need to provide you?

We only need the following details from you:
⁃ Website
⁃ Article topic
⁃ Business description
Our team of in-house writers will research the topic and then write a great article.

Will I see the article before it’s published?

If you’re a subscriber of our Pro and Unlimited packages then you can see the article and request revision up to two times before it’s published.

Why should I use your services? Can’t I publish the article myself?

You can go ahead and reach out to these news websites and try to get your article published but it’s not guaranteed that they will publish your article.
The advantage of using our services is we will go through the entire process for you and take it off your plate.
You will get an ok report at the end.
Other than that, we have a network of 100+ news sites that we will reach out on your behalf.

What will be the topic of my article?

The topic of your article should be about your business, services, and it’s benefits.
If you are doing a new promotion then you can also choose to promote that instead.

How many days does it take to get the article published?

It usually takes 10 business days but if there are revision requests then it can take longer.
If the article is provided by you then it takes 4 business days.

How long does it take to publish an article?

Article publishing takes at least ten days if we write but could be longer if revision is needed. However, it takes at most four days if you provide us with an article.

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